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Edfu Mummy II


The mummy was standing in front of them. Rawan put her hands on Ranim’ eyes. Suddenly, the mummy screamed and insects came out of its mouth. “Run” screamed Rawan. She carried her sister and turned. There was a stairs in front of them, she ran towards it. Ramy followed her while screaming. When they reached the end of the stairs, she found a circulating door they crossed it then Rawan closed it behind.
Insects were following them when the door closed one of them died. They breathed fast, as they were standing behind the door. Rawan turned the torch around the place; it was a large room with two rounded stairs on its both sides, leading to a sand yard on the lower level. There was many firebrands on the wall, Ramy tried to flame it with matches, but the match fall from his hand, and was dropped on a bath rounded with the wall. The fire spread fast into the path and lighted the whole place.
They were fascinating from the beauty of the scene. Rawan got close to the wall and began to read the writings on it, she said:”there something strange here!” She complete” The wall was telling about a king, but the tomb owner was belonging to a woman which was supposed to be the mummy and there wasn’t any treasure we found till now!!… It is obviously there is someone was here before us”. “Are you crazy?? Is this the right time for conclusions? “Ramy said:” there is a mummy following us… you are the main reason for that” Rawan got anger:”what did I do?? It was not me who brought you here… “Ramy answered:”you are the one who read the papyrus… it must have been a charm”. She looked at the papyrus and was shocked:”impossible”. At this moment they heard the sound of the insects coming from somewhere. Rawan caught a firebrand and gave another one to her brother, and asked him to take Ranim and run away.
She turned and left them, while Ramy run in the other way. But he noticed that the insects followed Rawan. He alarm her about that, she asked him to get out with Ranim. She kept running till she was far from the insects. She hide behind a column while she is scared, she stayed for a while and thought she might solve this problem instead of hiding. She told herself:”if there is a charm…there must be something inverts it”, she decided to return back to the coffin and search for some help.
When she back, she did not find the mummy there. She started searching for it everywhere but without hope, she felt something moving behind her. She returned back till she hit a statue exist on the hall. Suddenly, the mummy appeared in front of her and she felt there is something next to her moving. She turned to see what moved, and she found the statue looking at her and moving as well. She ran away from it, but the mummy surrounded her. She ran towards the coffin and jumped above it and crossed to the other side. She ran to the stairs and climbed it fast, but there was another statue, it tried to capture her, she dropped herself out of the stairs but still hanged on it. When the statue tried to follow her, she swayed her body to avoid the statue, so it lost its balance and fell on the ground and crashed.


Ramy was still walking with Ranim, he stopped and said:”we cannot get out of here without Rawan, she is the only one who knows a lot about the ancient Egyptian and she is the only one who knows how to find the way out”. Ranim smiled at him and say nothing.”We must find her…must we??” said Ramy.

Rawan could escape away the mummy, and closed the door again. While she was running she discovered she dropped the papyrus down. She turned back to get it, but something caught her leg suddenly so she fell down. She looked at her feet and found hand coming out of the ground, and another skeleton standing and lifting a sword and about to kill her. She closed her eyes and screamed, when she heard a crash. She opened her eyes to find her brother stopped him with the firebrand to protect her. And hit him back with it, and then he picked the skeleton sword and cut the hand which caught Rawan.
“Run” shouted Ramy. She stopped and tried to get the charm back. Other bones appeared and attacked them but Ramy faced them. Rawan got the charm, a skeleton tried to kill her, but she diverge her legs on the ground then she made gymnastics movement in the air and landed on the sword. The skeleton hand was broken. She looked to it and said:” sorry”. But it beat her with its other hand. She was hit on the wall. When she fell down she saw the papyrus blur and it was upside down, she could read the letters in this case as well. At this moment, Ramy became unable to face all of these skeletons, and one of them could hurt him in the arm. He screamed:”I cannot stand a chance… do something” she answered:”I discovered how to invert the charm…I just need more time” and she started to read the new charm. Ramy throw the sword to protect himself, the skeleton avoided it and the mummy was hit. He got frightened.


The mummy got disturbed and screamed loudly, the entire skeleton collapsed. There was a big storm began to blow. Ramy held Ranim fast, and went to Rawan “get up” said Ramy. She did not replay and continued reading the charm; he carried her and ran away. The storm created a big tornado followed them, and crashed everything around them. Ramy could not run so fast. So he fell down. The tornado became so close; Ramy held Ranim and closed his eyes. Suddenly everything got calm. He opened his eyes, heard Rawan saying:” I did it…I invert the charm”. They stood and returned back to the mummy, they found it on the ground.” it is dead” said Ramy “I meant dead again”.
They heard Ranim saying:”light”. They ran towards her and looked up to find an open hole created when the temple crashed. Ramy climbed quickly and they followed him, after they got out Rawan said:”we are behind edfu”. Suddenly the ground began to collapse under their feet; they ran fast and fell down. Ramy looked at his clock and said:”oh my goodness! The bus is about to leave now”. Rawan stopped them and said:” We cannot tell anybody about what happened” Ramy answered” Why I cannot tell about what I do there, it is my first time that I be a hero”. Rawan said:” We have not anything to prove what we are saying, they will think us crazy”. “Yes, you are right”. They ran fast to the place where the bus stand, when they reached it the supervisor was calling names to make sure everyone was there. When she called them they answered she checked them carefully and said:” were you with us all the day??” Ramy answered:”of curse …sure we did not open a secret gate or met a mummy”.
“He is joking” said Rawan. They get into the bus, when they sit on their seats they was deadly tired and slept deeply.


“Wake up “knocked on the door, Rawan wake up in her room in the hotel, when she heard the sound. She answered:”fine, we are coming”. She told herself that it was a very hard day “I dreamed a very strange dream” she nodded her head and said with a loud voice “Ramy wake up” then the go to wash her face. When Ramy walked up he hit on the table beside him and hurt his arm. He said to himself” it is strange, it is like the same hurt in my dream”. Ranim waked up also and open the TV while they wear those clothes. When they finished, they start to leave the room. “Do you know although I heat your problems but I still love you” Rawan said “of course, how can not love me?”Ramy answered. They come out of the room laughing. They left the TV open on a news channel.
There was a newscaster standing on edfu temple and saying” something strange happened today when the security of edfu temple found something like a piece of cloth under a closed wall but they did not any way to move this wall…but what we are seeing that there some one enter here before …………….”

The End

hope u like it 🙂


Story of:

Hend Abd El-Moniem

Written by:

Marwa Abd El-Moniem

Asmaa Eman

Hend Abd El-Moniem

19 century

“Bring things to here” she heard these words as she opened the door and found her husband standing on the door and five men behind him carrying a big thing looks like a coffin.

He was an old Egyptian scientist of ancient Egyptian culture .he has just finished a big project with foreign scientists in Aswan which found an ancient treasures concerned with an Egyptian tomb.

“What is this?” she said. He didn’t answer and he asked the men to put down the coffin carefully then he turned to her and said” don’t worry this is important discovery I found in Aswan”.

“Why did you bring it here?” she said. “This is an ancient mummy and I didn’t want the foreign scientists to take it” he answered. She shouted “mummy!” he smiled and said “it is taxidermist”. “Are you joking?” she said. He laughed and told her not to worry and asked her to make him a cup of coffee. She turned to kitchen to make the coffee, after a while she heard a scream. She ran back where she found her husband dead with a timorous face.


20 century

On the high way to Aswan, a travel bus was in its way to there. A smart girl in her 16th was sitting in the last seat called Rawan. She was very interested in ancient Egyptian history so when her school made a journey to Luxor and Aswan, she joined. But her parents didn’t accept travelling without her brothers. She had a younger brother called Ramy. Ramy was coward. He got afraid of anything although he was a sarcastic person. She also had a small sister called Ranim. She was funny and naughty girl. In her opinion Rawan thought you cannot let Ranim in a place and find her there.

She was sitting and reading a book when she heard her brothers fighting.

“What’s going on?”She asked. “Ranim wants to take my mobile” Ramy answered. “Why?” She asked Ranim. “It’s mine”, Ranim said.” I made a mistake when I accepted to take both of you with me” she shouted. “Did you want to travel alone?” Ramy said. “What is the advantage in bringing you with me?” she said, “You are coward” Ramy’s face turned to red, he shouted in a challenge:”I am not”. Suddenly, Rawan eyes were opened wide while she pointed at the front of the bus and shouted:”oh, my goodness “,”look, a big van is going to hit us”. Ramy got scared and screamed in a big fear:”where?!”He turned everywhere when he heard a loud laugh, at once; he understood the trick and got shy anger. “See!!” Rawan said in a big victor.


After the bus reached Aswan they went to visit Edfu temple. The supervisor told them to stay with the tour guide and meet again at 1o’clock. Then, the guide led them and told about the temple. He said” The Temple of Edfu was built on the site of a temple dating from the New Kingdom, but very little of the older temple is left. The existing temple is oriented in an entirely different direction, so that the remains of the earlier pylon are built into one of the side walls of the existing temple. The temple can give the visitor the emotional experience of……. “. Ranim could not hear because she felt someone knocking on her shoulders. She ignored at first. But then she got disturbed and shouted:”what??????” Ramy hesitate then said:”I  … I cannot find Ranim”.

Rawan was shocked. Then said:”how did that happen? You were supposed to care of her… how did you let her go?” He answered nothing. She turned her face around trying to find her. Ramy pointed at a distant point and said:”there…she is there”.

She saw her running towards the inside of temple. She though fast:”if I went to the supervisor to ask for permitting I won’t be able to catch Ranim…what can I do??” She immediately run toward Ranim “follow me” said Rawan while catching Ramy’s arm.

Ranim went inside a big courtyard fall of columns, it was kind of dark, they follow her inside, they was afraid of being seen by the security men, so they tried to evade them and achieved her at the end of the courtyard.

She was holding something brilliant in her hand looks like a necklace , “what is that??” shouted Rawan while getting closer, “from where did you get it?” Ranim looked innocently at here and said:”it’s mine”. She could not resist Ranim innocent looks so she turned to Ramy and said:”work out this problem”. Ramy got close to Ranim and tried to take the thing from here but she did not let it go, and they began to fight.

Suddenly the necklace was dropped and rolled.  Wall stopped it. Rawan noticed there was an aspectual part on the necklace was the same shape carved on that wall. Rawan got so interested to know about what she discovered; she picked up the necklace and put it into the curved shape which completes the one with her. At first nothing happened, so she thought it was nothing she left her closer to the necklace in order to get it back, but when she was about to touch it she heard a big loud and something opened next to Ramy. Ramy screamed and walk one step back, he and Rawan stared at the opening door in a big surprise and did not pay attention till they saw Ranim crossing the door while she was laughing. Rawan hurried and followed her with a torch.

Ramy was about to follow them but he remembered the necklace; he turned back and took it. As it was out of the curved part of the wall the door began to close again, so Ramy rolled on the floor and slipped down the door before it reached the floor.

At the inside it was so dark, he could not see or hear anything but Rawan voice shouting:”what have you done jerk, you made us trapped…it is just a closed room. There are no other doors”. They all was standing in the middle of the room when suddenly the floor collapsed under their feet, they fell down on a rocky floor.


Rawan felt hurt but she got worried about her brothers so she stood fast and picked the torch. She focuses the light toward them and asked:”are you ok??” they answered her with yes. Then she tried to discover the place. There were an ancient drawings and writings on the walls. She looked at the top; the place they fell from, it was high.

“What is this place?”Ramy said scarily, “how will we get out of here?” she looked for a way out but she found many ways then she said:”one of them could be our way out, we must try one”. They all walked toward one of them. They keep walking in this way till Ranim suddenly ran fast and her feet was slipped and fell into a slopping ramp. The others found nothing to do but following her down. When they fell down, they were in another room.

Ranim stood and shouted in fun:”yeh, again”. Rawan shouted at the same time:”oh! Not again”. Rawan discovered that the room has no doors except one, leading to a wide room in its center laid a coffin, and they get into the room. Ramy said:” what a rotten smell!!” Rawan got closer to the coffin and looked inside it; she found a rotten mummy lying into it. On it there was an ancient papyrus, she picked it, and got a book from her bag and translated the writings with spelling it. Ramy shouted to her:”what are you doing?? It is not the right time to read “he got close to her. As he was near the coffin he shouted when he saw the coffin. After Rawan finished reading the papyrus she said:”it means nothing”. They then felt something behind them. As they turned they make a big shout.

to be continued ….

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